What Scentsy Has Meant to Me

This is a little story about life, self-esteem, second chances and community. I hope it means something to someone out there!

18 years ago, I was a high school biology teacher in a prestigious Scottish school, fully committed to my job and flattered by the encouragement I received to consider future management positions. When my first daughter came along, with the support of my husband, I decided to become a full-time mum while we raised our family to school age.

In 2009, I was at a point when I was thinking about restarting my career – and of course, I discovered I was pregnant. Our third daughter was born later that year and within a couple of years, we sensed that she was different. In 2013 it was confirmed that she was on the autism spectrum and had specific needs that were different to our older kids.

I now knew that my career as a teacher was probably over.

I’ve always been someone who looked for something to do while being a full-time mum. I started off by self-training in graphic design packages and creating customized stationery for friends and family in the early noughties. Pretty soon though, both time demands and the market caught up with me and I needed to find something new.

I found Scentsy. Scentsy is an international business led by 2 inspirational people – Orville and Heidi Thompson. Its products are diverse but centre around fragrance with the offering of stylish warmers and an amazing system which is uniquely safe and has an amazing range of scents. For both home and office environments. (Ok, sales pitch over!)

For me, Scentsy began as something I simply shared with friends and family – organising parties or going to events and having a good time with people I love. I then made the decision, as someone who was (and in honesty, still is) inherently shy outside of a classroom, that I was going to try and treat Scentsy as a job and, terrifyingly, get out there and talk to strangers about these amazing products.

I discovered that I was pretty good at it. Amazing! I found that it was not the party stereotypes we all worry about. It had the versatility to do it in a variety of ways that meant all establishments from professional to personal customers were able to experience this by free trials, or passing out baskets of products to try before you buy! In addition I found so many people saw the potential themselves that many decided to take advantage of the business side of Scentsy too, and I have met many professionals who enjoy this experience!

With the unstinting support of my husband, my girls and my wider family, I became a successful Scentsy consultant. In fact, so successful that I qualified for the incredible European Reward Trips in Athens and Tenerife and Cyprus and the global event in Cancun Mexico. I was promoted to Superstar Director (we have spectacular job titles) and then qualified for the global event last January on a Royal Caribbean Cruise to Mexico! Since then I’ve been on Royal Carribbean cruise around the Med , and qualified for 2 other trips this year, too .

However, it turns out that lightning can strike twice and in December 2015, I discovered that I was pregnant again – the Cyprus trip was off the table for me. Daughter number 4 arrived in August 2016 and all of a sudden, the limited time I could dedicate to Scentsy events, parties and showcases evaporated to make room for nappy changes, school runs, lunch boxes and homework.

Again, I had to dig deep and make the decision that I just had to find another way to sustain my business.

So, 20 years on from explaining reproductive systems to sniggering teenagers, I was back at (figurative) school to learn about Search Engine Optimisation and web design. I’m sure I’ve not got it all right but I’ve done the best I can with the limited funds and time that I had.

I’m always open to advice so if you have the time to take a look and give me some feedback, my website www.preciousscents.co.uk is my fifth baby!

Finally, this isn’t a sob-story. I’m very fortunate. I’ve got an enormously supportive husband and family and was able to lean on so many friends in getting myself started with Scentsy. I’ve got 4 wonderful daughters who are all perfect and imperfect, each in their own unique ways – and who are my little helpers, packing the bags for expos and preparing orders for posting!

Finally, what Scentsy has given me is more than an opportunity to earn an income while still being a full-time mum. It’s given me a community of people. While we don’t share an office together, we share a set of values that are lived by example by Orville and Heidi. You will have to qualify for a Scentsy Incentive Trip to really believe how generous they are with their time and their money.

Above all, Scentsy has given me self-worth and confidence in a period where my life has revolved around my children – with all the added pressure of a beautiful autistic daughter and the appointments, assessments, good days and bad days.

If you recognize any of this, or recognize someone in your life in this, send me a message if you’d like to learn more about Scentsy and how you could get involved. Life throws plenty of surprises at you as I hope my story shows and I’m grateful for the flexibility and opportunity that I’ve had. There’s no pressure and no targets – other than those you set for yourself, and that has allowed me to create my own motivation, my own measures of success, and it’s given me a new lease of life.

Thanks for reading this far, and thanks in advance for anyone that takes the time to look at my website – especially anyone who takes the time to send me any feedback.


Income disclosure statement: https://imagelive.scentsy.com/cmsimages/files/UK-EN%20Resource%20Library/Scentsy%20Forms/R2-UK-EN-2017-IncomeDisclosureStatement-Final.pdf

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