Merry Christmas from Precious Scents

When the festive season is in full swing, busy with shopping, hiding the Christmas presents, then trying to find the Christmas presents you hid… life seems hectic!

The food shopping list, ordering the turkey, planning the visiting, setting and decorating the dinner table, the crazy cat climbing the Christmas tree and catching the tinsel… All the fun of the holidays, the school nativities and the December multi tasking all takes on a whole new level. There is one thing I love, that always brings me reassurance and I don’t need to think twice.

When everything else adds up and the house is in chaos, there’s one thing I know I can rely on – my Scentsy warmer. Choose a festive scent to get me in the mood for wrapping presents, pop it on, and I know that whatever else happens, my house will smell warm and comforting. Even if the cat wins the fight with the Christmas tree!

It’s also a wonderful gift for others, because it’s a gift that keeps on giving. To all who receive Scentsy this Christmas, relax knowing the lifetime guarantee on Warmers and diffusers means you have a product you can trust!

Long lasting scent at temperatures so low the wax will not evaporate, so each bar lasts ages!  Plus, if you use something where your wax evaporates, it means your wax has to get hot enough to evaporate – that’s a very high temperature  with real potential to burn! Scentsy wax never evaporates – a much safer gift for people with pets or young children, in particular.

So when the rest of life gets crazy, know your Scentsy will be constant , reliable and certainly safe! What’s your favourite festive scent? Christmas cottage or Very Merry Cranberry? How about the warm and spicy Clove and Cinnamon? Or the fruity but fresh Snowberry? It’s so hard to pick a favourite!

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