For thousands of years, people have revelled in the beauty, luxury and mood-shaping effects of fragrance. From ancient Egypt to the Renaissance to more modern applications of the 20th century, we’ve been using fragrance to express religious faith, love (or lust) and wealth, among other things.

These days, a fragrance is mostly about pleasure. We fill our homes or infuse our skin with the scent because it pleases our senses.

At Scentsy, we pride ourselves in designing complex home and personal fragrances that align with the latest trends and delight our customers. Each season, we replace certain scents in the catalogue with new selections — sometimes due to the changing seasons (our fragrance tastes change with them) or new trends.

We offer more than 90 fragrances each season because every nose is different. All of our scents offer that safety and reliability of knowing there is no flame or soot produced for your environment. The love of candles, the pleasure of sending all delivered in the safest way imaginable so you can enjoy the experience without any pollution or safety concerns using our lifetime guarantee warmers. We offer the finest fragrances, in a huge variety of scent families so that there, without doubt, will be ones you will love. All delivered with the beauty and safety that offers you the ultimate in home or workplace scent experience and safe delivery.

All our scents can be used individually or blended together to create enticing fragrant recipes for your own pleasure. The greatest feature of Scentsy is that you can adapt it to make it the most personal scent experience imaginable – you control the intensity and strength with the volume of wax you add, and you can create blends!

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