Bring Back My Bar

Launches tonight at 6pm


You were so desperate for them to return you voted in your THOUSANDS! Well, just for you, for a limited time only, your top 12 voted for bars will return!

I’m so happy it’s finally here as you are so passionate about your favourites. I love them all in their unique way but my stand outs are:

Banana berry – just amazing! This delectable mix of banana and strawberries you will love!

Red Ginger Flower – don’t let the name deceive, you loved this! Top seller so often. If you have never tried it, now is the time!

Rockin ruby razz – if you love sweet, then this is for you! Loved by so many adults and children alike!

Simply Rose – if you just want the simplicity of the delicate fragrance of rose. Not sickly but light and pure and always a winner

Pear Blossom – always a winner for me. I loved the delicate nature of this one, carried well and a beautiful scent.

Skinny Dippin’ – this was one of my top sellers years ago and it’s lovely to see it’s not been forgotten. A lovely bright fresh, fruity blend that’s not too sweet.

Awakening – I remember this as a powerful scent that lingered. It was a top seller and very popular.

Thunderstorm and Hendrix – if you liked the men’s range or ones that have a touch of those lovely masculine notes then these 2 are amazing!

Never under estimate these type fragrances! I have got a huge response to them with my customers and after encouraging them to try they are now firm favourites for them! These are worth exploring!

I loved them all, but these you voted for so do order quickly as stock will be limited! It’s an amazing time to get acquainted with old favourites or find new ones, but if you love them order plenty, as once they go… they are gone!!

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